Center for Suicide Awareness


There are times when we just want to be heard, to be listened to, to know that how we feel or what we are dealing with matters…without judgment.

The truth is:

  • You do deserve to be listened to and to be heard.
  • What you feel or what you are dealing with does matter…because you matter.
  • We all need hope, help, and support at points in our life free of negative stigma or judgment.

Text HOPELINE to 741741 — from anywhere, anytime, about any type of challenge or struggle. Help and hope is just a text away.™

  • A live, trained specialist receives the text and responds quickly.
  • Each person that text in is important to us and we care about what they are dealing with.

HOPELINE™, offered by Center for Suicide Awareness, is a text-in (versus voice call-in) free emotional support service providing hope, help, and support when it’s needed most. HOPELINE™ serves anyone in any type of situation providing them access to free, 24/7 emotional support and information they need via the medium they already use and trust: text.

HOPELINE™’s purpose is to offer emotional support and resources before situations rise to crisis level. Texts received reflect struggles with breakups, relationship issues, job loss, bullying, LBGTQIA+ issues, parental issues, school, friends, or just having a bad day.

How Does it Work?

On your cell phone - put the number 741741 in the To section. Then type in the word "HOPELINE" in the message area. Then click Send.

First, you are in a crisis. Crisis doesn’t just mean thinking about ending your own life. Crisis can be anything from a stressful day, to a break up, to a loss of a job. What you first do is text HOPELINE to 741741.

The first two responses are automated. They tell you that you’re being connected with a Crisis Counselor and invite you to share a bit more.

The Crisis Counselor is a trained specialist that can provide support

When you’ve reached a Crisis Counselor, they’ll introduce themselves, reflect on what you’ve said, and invite you to share more if you are comfortable.

You’ll then text back and forth with the Crisis Counselor and never have to share anything you don’t want to.

The Crisis Counselor will help you through your feelings by asking questions, empathizing, and actively listening.

The conversation typically ends when you and the Crisis Counselor both feel comfortable deciding that you are calm and in a safe place.

The goal of any conversation is to get you to a calm, safe place.

Sometimes that means providing you with a referral to further help, and sometimes it just means being there and listening.

Thank you for using and supporting HOPELINE™!


"I am forever grateful to The Center for Suicide Awareness for allowing a platform to tell our daughter's story. Amanda was 26 when she died by suicide 13 years ago. Through the Center, I have been able to try to bring to light her struggles and keep her memory alive. Whether it be in person, one-on-one, large groups, oral or written, her story is very important to our family. She will always be our daughter and must not be forgotten."

~ J.R.

"The Center for Suicide SOS group is helping us as it gives us a place to meet and talk with other survivors who lost a loved one to suicide. A death by suicide is hard to understand but by talking with the group it has helped us to move forward."

~ J.H.

"I believe I have been with the Center for Suicide Awareness for the past ten years helping in whatever I could do to make known to the public that the Center is here to give support to those lost a loved one to suicide. Having the experience of wanting to end my life because I no longer could bear the pain of depression. By the grace of God I did not complete my route to suicide. I was fortunate that my brain chemistry slowly began to stablize and was helped by a police sargeant who had experience with mental illnesses and helped me back to my family. Because of this experience, I have been able to help families what may have been happening in their loved ones' lives that caused them to consider suicide."

~ G.P.S.