Our Wishlist

We always welcome and need items from our Wish List.

Thank you for your support by donating any of the item(s) below:


  • Gas Cards
  • Cricut Design Cutting Machine
  • Postage stamps
  • Garment tag device for putting tags on apparel
  • Medium size padded envelopes
  • Carton sealing tape
  • Copy paper
  • Office supplies including: Sticky notes, pads of paper, binder clips, rubber bands, markers, file folders, hanging file folders
  • Clear plastic bags in gallon and quart sizes (sealable)
  • Ribbon: purple, teal, white
  • Wicker baskets
  • Large quantity of items to fill HOPEKITS and baskets to include inspirational jewelry, books, and any item that sends the message of hope, support, care, and resilience.

*For information on where to send your Wish List donation, please call the Center for Suicide Awareness at: (920) 475-4748