Practice Pandemic Parenting with a Positive Attitude

“Peace. It doesn’t mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart.”- Unknown

Developing a positive attitude is going to take some time and patience. But think of it this way, when else will you have a more perfect practice environment? Perhaps this global pandemic and quarantine homeschooling is to allow you the opportunity to develop your positive attitude? (Look at that perspective changer!) You are the one that is living in your house during this quarantine. You are in control of your own happiness Time to get started!

  • Make your mind up to be happy. Learn to find pleasure in the simple things. What day to day things go on in your household that you take for granted? Are there things that if you actually pay attention to, they can bring a smile to your face? If you chose to…..
  • Make the best of your circumstances. Everyone has problems. Chose to make the laughter instead of the tears. While being quarantined with your family, it is less stressful to hear laughs than crying and whining (in my opinion.) Let your attitude set the vibes in your house.
  • Don’t take yourself too seriously. You are doing the best you can. Do not think that you can control the things that happen to others. You can only control things in your control.
  • You cannot please everyone. Social media may help connect you with your friends and family during social isolation, this can be beneficial. Are your social media contacts being supportive? Do not let criticism make you worry that you are doing something wrong. You can control what others are seeing, maybe it is time to take a break from the negativity that can follow social media. Just remember, you are doing the best that you can.

Always be yourself. This is an age-old term, that needs to be followed. Do not try to keep with your neighbors. Just like pleasing everyone, social media has also taken this concept into a whirlwind. The game of life does not have a winner or a loser, it is not a competition. Do what makes you happy, not what you think others think make you happy. If a beaten-up old chair makes you feel happy, but your friend thinks that you should get rid of it, do what makes you happy.

Do things that you enjoy. Of course, you should stay within reason and not collect debt enjoying those things. Think of some free or thrifty things that you enjoy doing, or your family enjoys doing, and do those. Now is a good time to hold a family meeting and make a list. Chances are the things that you enjoy doing will include your family.

Do not carry grudges. Hate can poison the soul and suck the positive vibes out of you and your house. Avoid people who make you unhappy. If this involves social media, block or unfriend. This is your life to live and you do not need your positive energy taken from you.

Have many interests. Even though you can not travel as you desire or go do the “normal” things you were used to doing pre-global pandemic. You should not lose site of things that interest you. Spend time reading about new things or new places. Reestablish previous passions or hobbies that you had!

Do what you can to help those less fortunate. Taking a moment to do something for someone that needs it will boost your positive vibes. It will make you realize that you are fortunate for the things that you have in your life. You can also get your children involved to teach them to be thoughtful little people and appreciate what they have been given.

Keep busy! A busy person does not have time to be unhappy. This is something we can all keep in mind while social distancing and trying to figure out how to fill the time and keep the children busy. Stay busy, keep practicing towards a positive attitude. You can make your quarantine household filled with positive laughter and vibes. That is what we want our children to remember out of this.

My school of thought during this experience with my children is that we are the ones that are making the pandemic memories for our children. We can either have them scared and anxious, or we can have them building fun positive family memories. It is hard to do, especially when we are trying to work from home. Hopefully by reading some of these tips and attending some Parent Groups, we will all get through this together with positive memories for our littles!!