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Customized Trainings

Looking for a customizable wellness, mental health, suicide crisis intervention training? We can create trainings specific to your needs. 

Training Workplace

Suicide Prevention in the Work Place

Can your office sustain a suicide? The demands of every day burdens can mount on some individuals. Is your organization taking care of its employees? Our staff is trained in not only helping persons through personal crisis, but also can assist your organization talk about suicide prevention with employees before a crisis happens. Learn to be proactive. We custom design this workshop to your organization. We bring awareness to the warning signs of suicide, what steps you can take to be a person who is training to handle a crisis sat work. We will walk you through developing safety plans to have in place for the suicidal employee or what do to if someone in workplace dies by suicide. Learn the languages of suicide prevention, intervention, and post-vention.

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Suicide Prevention in the Faith Based Organizations

This workshop really looks at all the points of view that surround suicide, leaving no none out. This workshop offers spiritual resilience for people who are struggling. We take a look at what interventions your organization can utilize to prevent and intervene when someone in your organization is thinking about suicide or is in a crisis. This workshop is designed to help you gain confidence in suicidal thinking and the language of suicide. Let us help your organization be better equipped for this issue.


Training parent

Parents of children who struggle with Mental Health Support Workshop

This is a workshop designed for parents who have children with mental health struggles. Many parents feel like they are alone in this and as a results are afraid to ask others for help. In this workshop you will learn effective ways to navigate the mental health systems, gain coping skills to help with emotional regulation, and learn that you are not alone. This workshop will have you gain supportive methods to manage your child’s metal health challenges and leave you feeling like a confident parent again.

Training story

How to Tell MY Story

This is your story about your journey. Do you ever find yourself wondering who you can trust to share your story with? You might be wanting to reach out and tell someone more about you and have them better understand you as a person. Many times when our story involves mental health struggles we find it difficult to talk about and share our stories with others. This Workshop will help you become prepared and equipped to not only share your story, but to handle any feedback that you may encounter. This is done by working through a template that is used in sharing your story.

Training Veteran

Veteran Culture and Mental Health

We are can all appreciate and show gratitude to the sacrifices our military and veterans have been through for their country, but understanding the culture of our military and veterans is the key to connections. When it comes to mental health struggles, servicemen are no forthcoming. Through this workshop learn why the population does not disclose, and learn effective techniques to establish positive relationships. The tools learned in this workshop will allow you to help veterans and service members who may be in crisis.


Training art

Using Art for Mental Health

Art can be the healer of the soul. Have you ever noticed that coloring calms you or certain colors bring you joy? Have you ever got lost in your art work or felt like you reached your flow while painting? Join this workshop to learn and utilize various forms of art to express yourself. You don’t even have to consider yourself an artist to receive the benefits of using art to heal your soul. This workshop will focus on using art a coping skill to manage mental health. Work books will be provided!


Training support

Crisis Intervention

Join our experienced and certified staff during this workshop on effective ways to intervene when a person/s is going through a crisis situation. You will learn effective ways to de-escalate the situation and learn how your body posture and tone can break or make the situation. Understanding to why the person is acting out of crisis vs. an emotional regulated state will be focused on. During this workshop you will gain knowledge of what the brain is doing during a crisis situation so you are better prepared to intervene.

Training talk

The Language that We Use

This workshop is designed to get you to understand how certain words can trigger or calm a person. Learning that our need to always be right can hinder the way we show up in our relationships. During the workshop, we take a deep dive into eh words we use and how to retain ourselves into using words that bring a sense of peace vs. a sense of fear and fright and freeze. Language is the largest form of communication, take this workshop to ensure you are using it correctly!

Mens Woodshop 2

Wood Knot Workshop

Join our weekly Woodshop classes! Create a variety of products using various woods, techniques and tricks of the trade. Learn & practice your woodworking skills, gain confidence and creating cool stuff. Both beginner and advanced craftspeople are welcome.