Center for Suicide Awareness
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Hey - This is Barb! I founded the Center for Suicide Awareness after sitting at the kitchen table with some great people who helped in organizing the 1st Walk for Suicide called Taking Strides to End Suicide (c). That was in 2010 and we have just kept growing and learning and listening ever since. My hope for the Center was simple - a safe place where people could share, listen, be heard, be cared for, belong, and know they have purpose. All done in a respectful, shame free, non judgemental, and dignity filled way. We all need that safe space where we can connect with others!

We are honored you are here and know you never need to struggle alone.


"I am forever grateful to The Center for Suicide Awareness for allowing a platform to tell our daughter's story. Amanda was 26 when she died by suicide 13 years ago. Through the Center, I have been able to try to bring to light her struggles and keep her memory alive. Whether it be in person, one-on-one, large groups, oral or written, her story is very important to our family. She will always be our daughter and must not be forgotten."

~ J.R.

"The Center for Suicide Awareness is an amazing organization working to reduce suicide rates, eliminate stigma, train communities in resilience and inform communities about mental health. These individuals at the center are kind, passionate, and do good in the community. The center created the hopeline for individuals in need of immediate suicide intervention. I highly recommend participating in their events, utilizing their resources if necessary, and/or getting involved in some way so that we can combat suicide together!"

~ J.K.

"As an educator, I have participated in professional development surrounding youth mental health on various occasions. I am also QPR (question, persuade, & refer) certified. Throughout these trainings, I have learned so much about the Center for Suicide Awareness and the hopeline they have created. I have the call-in and text-in number saved in my contacts and have personally used the text-in line myself during moments of high anxiety and stress. I also share the number to my students or to anyone who might need it. Please call or text in if you need help. They are there for you."

~ S.V.