Center for Suicide Awareness


Suicide Awareness Month - 2020

As we enter into Suicide Awareness Month it is more critical now than ever to take care of each other. This year has brought uncertainty to everyone’s lives. The impact the global pandemic has had is very much individualized. Our vulnerable populations have found themselves staying in their houses secluded

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Meditative Art Journaling for Parents

Before we begin, pause for a moment, think about what meditation means. What thoughts do you have? Sunrises? sitting quietly and cross legged? Yoga? More times than not, we are led to believe that to meditate or reach a higher state, we need to be doing certain things to get

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The Four Agreements

Interpreted by: Ranee’ M. Wright, MSN, RN, CCHP-MH, CCHP-RN

If you are in search of a book to jump start your self-help adventure for a happier being, I suggest the book, The Four Agreements, by Don Miguel Ruiz. There is also a companion book, which is called, The Four Agreements

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The How-to of Contemplative Hiking

Today my children and husband said they were headed to the State Park to do some geo-caching so I could get some work done. I made the conscious decision to join them and practice my Contemplative Hiking skills. During my endeavor, I decided it would be better received by you

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The Quick How to of Stress Relief

What is the worst thing someone can say to you when you have reached your “parental peak?” Back up, can you envision what I mean by “parental peak?” The feelings of one more thing and the volcano is going to blow. I feel quite strongly that when reaching the top

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Self-Care for Uncertain Times and Uncertain Parents

You might be asking yourself why are you having such a hard time coping with this global pandemic? Why is it changing the parent that I was? The answer is easy. You do not feel safe. You are stressed and overwhelmed, and struggle with the reality of what is happening

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Practice Pandemic Parenting with a Positive Attitude

“Peace. It doesn’t mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart.”- Unknown

Developing a positive attitude is going to take some time and patience. But think

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A Parents List of Coping Skills

Have you ever heard the words coping skills? Or coping strategies? More often than not, people like to say these phrases to those in a stressful situation… BUT they never actually provide the person with the skills. Luckily, coping skills are easy. They are not like having math skills or

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5 Steps to Happy Parenting

Don’t worry, be happy! This may have been easy for you before these uncertain times we are facing. The global pandemic that we are experiencing is creating fear and anxiety. These might be emotions that are new to you, leaving you feeling chaotic. The following are steps you can take

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5 Minutes to get out of a Funk in a Quarantine House

Have you ever felt those days that you were just in a mood that you can’t describe any other way than just being in a funk? As a parent it is important to get out of these funks before it can take over our entire day and change the vibes

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Hey - This is Barb! I founded the Center for Suicide Awareness after sitting at the kitchen table with some great people who helped in organizing the 1st Walk for Suicide called Taking Strides to End Suicide (c). That was in 2010 and we have just kept growing and learning

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"I am forever grateful to The Center for Suicide Awareness for allowing a platform to tell our daughter's story. Amanda was 26 when she died by suicide 13 years ago. Through the Center, I have been able to try to bring to light her struggles and keep her memory alive. Whether it be in person, one-on-one, large groups, oral or written, her story is very important to our family. She will always be our daughter and must not be forgotten."

~ J.R.

"The Center for Suicide Awareness is an amazing organization working to reduce suicide rates, eliminate stigma, train communities in resilience and inform communities about mental health. These individuals at the center are kind, passionate, and do good in the community. The center created the hopeline for individuals in need of immediate suicide intervention. I highly recommend participating in their events, utilizing their resources if necessary, and/or getting involved in some way so that we can combat suicide together!"

~ J.K.

"As an educator, I have participated in professional development surrounding youth mental health on various occasions. I am also QPR (question, persuade, & refer) certified. Throughout these trainings, I have learned so much about the Center for Suicide Awareness and the hopeline they have created. I have the call-in and text-in number saved in my contacts and have personally used the text-in line myself during moments of high anxiety and stress. I also share the number to my students or to anyone who might need it. Please call or text in if you need help. They are there for you."

~ S.V.

"Don’t count your blessings, let your blessings count! Enjoy life!"
~ Bernard Kelvin Clive, 52 Seconds