The Center for Suicide Awareness brings help, hope, and resources to families and individuals in our communities through programs that reach others where they are at and when they need it most. Of the many Center programs and initiatives, bringing HOPELINE, the text-based emotional support service, to all of Wisconsin, has given individuals across our state free emotional support anytime, from anywhere by simply texting: HOPELINE to 741741.

Veterans Programs

Every day approximately 22 Veterans die by suicide in the US. These brave men and woman deserve our help and support in preventing one more veteran from taking their life. As a result, the Center began The “I Challenge You to 22” program with all efforts focused on getting a Challenge Coin in the hands of a veteran that is struggling. Just a quick background of what a Challenge is: if you are a veteran or service man or woman, you know that a Challenge Coin is a physical symbol given and exchanged to show membership into the armed services, to enhance morale, and to build camaraderie. In addition, they are also collected by service members around the world. The Center produced a Challenge Coin with messages of hope and support along with encouragement to share their personal story. Also, printed directly on the Challenge Coin is HOPELINE, the Centers’ text based 24/7 emotional support service remaining veterans that hope, help, and support is just a text away. To-date, over 50 Police departments across our communities are giving these Challenge Coins are given by Police Officers to any Veteran that they encounter that is in of help and support.

Survivor Support Groups

When a family member, loved one, or friend dies by suicide you can feel overwhelmed, desperately sad, lonely, angry, confused, guilty and somehow responsible. You may also discover that friends, co-workers and other family members don’t always know what to say or how to be supportive and comforting. The grief associated with a suicide death is different than other deaths; along with the sudden death of a loved one, there often many unanswered questions together with never before experienced levels of pain and emotions.
The Center for Suicide Awareness SOS (Survivors of Suicide) Support group is a safe environment where group attendees can listen, share, or simply be among others who have experienced the tragic loss of a loved one by suicide. There are no expectations, no questions, no labels and no judgement. We simply offer support and understanding

We invite anyone to attend and there is no cost or reservation needed – our gift is giving the gift of presence, understanding, and hope.

Adult Survivors of Suicide (SOS) Support Group:
When: The 2nd Monday of every month
Where: Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Building – 2600 E. Philip Lane – Appleton, WI
Time: 6:30 – 8:30 pm
*No cost and no need to pre-register.

Workshops – Suicide Education

Every minute of the day, people are struggling and some are at risk for suicide. They may not know where to turn for the help, hope, and support they need and deserve. Often times, feelings of shame, embarrassment, or not wanting to be a burden also prevents them from reaching out to loved ones and friends.

Year round, the Center for Suicide Awareness offers and conducts suicide prevention training, presentations, and panel discussions Participants learn risks, warning signs, and what their valuable role can be in helping to prevent suicide.
Just some of the many organizations that benefit from these workshops include:
• Schools – all grades
• Colleges
• Community organizations
• Community events
• Businesses
• Law Enforcement

Project Rest

Project Rest, started by the Center for Suicide Awareness, reaches out to all with the powerful visual “rest” symbol in music. In music, the REST symbol is a place where the musician pauses in the middle of the song to breathe, refocus, and refresh before they continue.

In life, there are ups and downs, twists and turns, and we can easily become stressed and overwhelmed. With the barrage of life issues we face daily, take a moment and simply rest. PROJECT REST serves to encourage and remind us to take a moment just to pause, breathe, refocus, and refresh. In music as in life, the song continues as so must we.