A Parents List of Coping Skills

Have you ever heard the words coping skills? Or coping strategies? More often than not, people like to say these phrases to those in a stressful situation… BUT they never actually provide the person with the skills. Luckily, coping skills are easy. They are not like having math skills or communication skills, they are just things that YOU decide help you feel calmer. When you feel like your thoughts have taken over and you can no longer think straight, or when your house is noisy and you can feel the chaotic energy crawling through your skin, what do you need? Coping skills. Here is a list of some HEALTHY coping skills you can do during a global pandemic. You can always add your own, and I encourage you to do that, so they are geared towards something YOU like to do. I say health coping skills, because things like drinking, illegal drugs, or eating can lead to other health problems, and then I will need to create another group!

  1. Deep breathing– more to come on how to do this!
  2. Listen to music– either to yourself, or for all to hear!
  3. Talk with someone– or come to our Zoom Groups!!
  4. Limit caffeine– trick yourself and switch to decaf.
  5. Exercise– there are plenty of YOUTUBE videos out there, kid friendly too!
  6. Go for a walk– be mindful and aware of your senses!
  7. Take a nice drive– sometimes it is just nice for a change of scenery.
  8. Take a hot or cold shower– you will feel better!
  9. Dance– almost as if you are throwing in the towel of control! Dance Party with the kids.
  10. Meditate– there will be more to come on this!
  11. Play with your kids– they will love it, and it will get your mind onto something new.
  12. Bake– something the whole family will like!
  13. Watch a movie– make it a good one from the 90’s!
  14. Laugh– have you asked a 2nd grader to tell you a joke? Or Alexa?
  15. Clean the kitchen– this can make you feel better for many reasons.

The important thing to remember is to focus on the things that you can control. There are many things that are out of our control, that you cannot do anything about.

Focus on the things that you can and forget the rest.