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Frequently Asked Questions about Support Groups

Q: What does a support group look and feel like?
A: A grief support group is a safe place to share your thoughts, feelings and questions with warmth, empathy, listening and compassion in return.

Q: What do I wear?
A: Whatever makes you comfortable. There are no labels or judgment here.

Q: Do I have to talk?
A: No – you only have to share when you want to and if you want to. We are here for support, not to probe or question.

Q: What if I know other people in the group?
A: That is ok. What is talked about in our group, stays in our group.

Q: What if I cry?
A: We all cry. Tears are healing and filled with emotion. We have plenty of Kleenex.

Q: Can I come late to the group?
A: We all have busy lives. If you can’t quite make it on time, please still come and join us, just be respectful of the group as it is in progress.

Q: Do I have to come to every support group?
A: No – you come when you need it, want to, and just know we are here for you.

Q: What if I am a friend of someone who lost someone to suicide – can I come and support them?
A: Yes! The more support the better.

Q: Are support groups counseling?
A: No – they are to support you at the time you need it and when you need it.

Q: Can I go to the support group if I am seeing a counselor?
A: Sure – many people put them together to process their grief.

Q: How long do I attend the support groups?
A: Grief is individual and personal for each person – only you know when you want to attend or not attend.

Q: What do people say in these groups?
A: Whatever emotion they are feeling, whatever they are going through at the time.

Q: Do people laugh or just cry?
A: We laugh, we cry, we share, and most importantly we support each other.

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  • "They are really the only people who understand what I am going through."
    -- Support Group Participant
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