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Volunteer Opportunities

If you are interested in volunteering for The Center for Suicide Awareness, contact Barb today to get started!

We have a number of volunteer positions that we are currently looking for your help to fill:

Internship Opportunities

We are a approved site for many schools and universities for internships. Please contact Barb for further information if you are interested in this opportunity.

HOPELINE Responder

The HOPELINE (text message based emotional support line in the State of Wisconsin), has been setup by The Center for Suicide Awareness in partnership with Crisis Text Line. Crisis Text Line handles the application, background check, training, and evaluation to become a HOPELINE responder. The application along with all the details on the Why, What, and How are available at

Bash for the Brave Event Volunteers

We are looking for a number of volunteers for various duties to assist with the Bash for the Brave event on June 10, 2017. Sign up using this form:

Walk Event and Ride Event Volunteers

We are always looking for volunteers for various duties to assist with the Walk for Suicide Awareness and Ride for Suicide Awareness events held in September.