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We are looking for volunteers to fill the following roles. Your help is always appreciated!

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Poster Distribution: Mid-June through July

Help us promote the Walk by distributing posters in your community. Posters are provided.

Setup for Event: September 15, 5-7 pm

Help get items setup for Walk the next day.  Various tasks includes setting up tents, tables, signage along walk route, etc.

15-20 spots available

Volunteer Check-In: September 16, 7-8:30am

Help check-in the volunteers that will begin arriving at 7:30am; give them t-shirts, direct them to correct workstation area, and also let them know who the Team Captain is for that area. Make sure volunteers have filled out a waiver for the walk. Help with clean up of volunteer check-in area. Those checking in volunteers day of walk, please arrive by 7am.

4 spots available

Directing Pedestrians and Traffic: September 16, 7:30am-12pm

Assist in directing pedestrians and traffic and directing participants to available parking spots. Safety vests will be provided.

25 spots available

Walker Registration/Check-In: September 16, 8:30-10am

Help direct walkers to correct table, help walkers fill out registration forms while waiting in line, handling cash/check transactions, help direct walkers to the start line area, help move tables/clean up after registration is completed. Those that are handling cash transactions for day of Walk registrations must be 18 years or older.

20 spots available

Runners: September 16, 8:30am-1pm

Assist in loading, unloading, getting water, etc., help out where needed and clean up.

10 spots available

Serve Food and Refreshments: September 16, 8:30am-1pm

Help get refreshments and food ready for the walkers.

20-30 spots available

Man Water Station: September 16, 9:30-11am

Help setup the water station and ice pop station. Handout ice pops and water to walkers at halfway point during the walk.  After all walkers have come through, help with cleanup.

5 spots available

Clean Up: September 16, 11am-1pm

Help with clean up after the event: taking tents down, garbage collection, loading trailer etc.

20 spots available

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Thank you for your interest in volunteering for the walk. Please arrive by 7:30 am the day of the walk. Volunteer Check-In will be at Hydro Park in Kaukauna. The walk will begin at 10:00 am.